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This Page is an Archive of an old discussion - June 11th 2010

BioPAX is an open effort to create a pathway exchange format standard, however, there is a general lack of clarity about the process of how exchange format decisions are made. Early decisions were made by the founding members (Peter Karp, Chris Sander and Chris Hogue) and by initial participants in the project as a group, mainly at face to face meetings. Over time, some participants have left and new ones joined, though a decision making process was never written up.

We would like to describe the community development process and governance that BioPAX follows to make it easier for new participants to get involved.

An original attempt was made to describe the process and come up with governance here on the BioPAX_Governance page.

Recently, Gary Bader wrote up another version, after feedback from Chris Sander, Emek Demir and others. This is posted on the CommunityDevelopmentProcess page.

A discussion about the community development process will take place at the upcoming CSHF2Fmeeting:Cold Spring Harbor Labs meeting.

Please post any pre-discussion on the /Discussion page along with your name.