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** [http://archive.biopaxwiki.org Original Wiki Archive]
** [http://archive.biopaxwiki.org Original Wiki Archive]
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* [[Special:Categories | Wiki Pages by Category]]

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BioPAX : Biological Pathways Exchange

BioPAX is a collaborative effort to create a data exchange format for biological pathway data. BioPAX activity is now mostly documented on this wiki and BioPAX Forum.

BioPAX Workgroup Coordination

Using BioPAX


BioPAX wiki pages were auto-converted from the MoinMoin to MediaWiki, and this was not perfect. We encourage everyone to review and fix them, e.g., by simply picking up a Random Page.

Original Wiki Archive is still available (readonly).

Known Issues:

  • not all pages were copied, but they are available in the archive (exception: see the next issue)
  • after the conversion, a sub-page name became, e.g., "Page/SubPage", but the parent "Page" still refers to it as [[/SubPage]]. This has to be changed manually to [[Page/SubPage]]
  • attachments were not copied; images can be easily uploaded and linked, but PDF, OWL, etc., cannot
    (there is no simple solution, because the wiki is SourceForge's globally configured and shared application). So, we manually uploaded them to "/other" directory
  • you may find some pages look ugly due to extra spaces before * or # or broken nested lists (must be *, **, ***, etc. or #, ##, ###,..)