Welcome to Paxtools, we hope you enjoy your time on this auto-generated project site. We've tried to assemble some great user documentation and developer information, and we're really excited that you've taken the time to visit this site.

What is Paxtools

We present Paxtools a software library that contains algorithms, software components and converters for biological pathways represented in the standard BioPAX language. Paxtools allows scientists to focus on their scientific problem by removing technical barriers to access and analyse pathway information. Paxtools is open source and is available under the Lesser GNU public license (LGPL), which allows users to freely use the code in their software systems with a requirement for attribution.

What is BioPAX

BioPAX is a community developed standard language for integration, exchange and analysis of biological pathway data. BioPAX is defined in Web Ontology Language (OWL) and can represent a broad spectrum of biological processes including metabolic and signaling pathways, molecular interactions and gene networks. Pathguide.org lists the pathway databases and tools that support BioPAX.